John Benn and Colleen Gallagher
Harstine Island Pottery Tour

Benn out of the Fire

John Benn walking out of the Fire.
(unretouched photo by workshop participant Leona Leuders)

woodshed          woodshed 

Our ten acres of forest is mostly Douglass fir, Western hemlock, Bigleaf maple, Western red cedar, madrona and alder.
The Wood Palace is organized in rows of cords on pallets, with garden-cart-wide aisles between them.

digging clay           digging clay

We dig several types of local clays. Here, John battles the blackberry canes for the yellow clay.

podgarden           podgarden

The path from the Wood Palace to the kilns. Some acreage is handy to store pots.

digging clay       crew

More time is spent with the venerable and much-rebuilt woodsplitter than with the kilns, alas.
The crew is not Zen, but they are always happy.

"Woodfiring: where delusions meet reality."     -Colleen Gallagher

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